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Power of Ideas Tour

What’s in the Power of Ideas Exhibition?

Designed and developed by Perimeter Institute in collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre, this hands-on exhibition introduces youth and their families to the powerful ideas and the cutting-edge experiments helping us understand the natural world. 

Wall of Ideas

Discover the real story behind some of our greatest scientific thinkers by immersing yourself in this interactive wall of ideas. Whisper into a real LASER interferometer like the one used to detect gravitational waves, meet Einstein’s best friends, or use your smartphone to see invisible radio waves in the same way Hertz did more than a hundred years ago.


From tiny subatomic particles to faraway black holes, the universe is full of puzzles with pieces we cannot see. Guess what’s happening inside this massive mystery tube by teaming up to pull on large ropes. You might be surprised to discover there’s more than one way to skin Schrödinger’s cat.

Colliding Particles

Step in and explore the most complex machine on Earth, the Large Hadron Collider. Crank up the power to smash protons, see an actual tape cartridge that holds evidence of the Higgs boson particle, and discover why it takes 3,000 scientists from 174 institutions and 34 countries to run just one experiment.

Peer into the Past

How does the cosmic speed limit help us see back to the beginning of the universe? Run, jump, or dance into this interactive display to find out. What looks like 2.6 seconds of delay to you is the reason why extra-terrestrials looking at earth might still see dinosaurs!

A Planet-Sized Telescope

If there was a supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, wouldn’t you want to see it? That’s what scientists are hoping to do with the planet-sized Event Horizon Telescope. You can try too by aiming model telescopes towards a precise point in the night sky. Bonus: you can stand at the edge of a black hole and watch your legs turn to spaghetti!

Spin to Infin’

With the flick of your wrist, travel from the vastness of the universe all the way down to the subatomic scale. On the way, you’ll learn just how many questions scientists still have from the quantum to the cosmos, and everything in-between.

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